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Marathons are held all over the world and are attended by millions of people. Then, why participate in Munnar Marathon?

The idyllic town of Munnar nestled in the mighty Western Ghats, has been a favourite holiday destination for world travellers for decades. The effects of Munnar’s colonial past are still visible till this day in this picturesque little town in Kerala, made evident by the hectares of lush green tea that covers entire hillsides, the century-old hanging bridge over the Mudirapuzhayar river, the gothic-styled CSI church built in 1910 by the British tea planters and the Second World War memorial.

Located within the Western Ghats biodiversity hotspot, Munnar is situated in the midst of many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries and, is in fact a corridor for wildlife movement. This network of protected areas is known for several threatened and endemic species of wildlife species including Nilgiri marten, Nilgiri tahr, grizzled giant squirrel, Nilgiri wood-pigeon, elephant, gaur, Nilgiri langur, sambar deer, and the preternatural Neelakurinji flowers that bloom once in 12 years.

Marathons are held all over the world and are attended by millions of people. Then, why participate in Munnar Marathon?

“Munnar Marathon” hosted by Kestrel Adventures and Holidays Pvt. Ltd. is a first of its kind event in Idukki District, Kerala. Munnar Marathon was conceived with the notion of making Munnar a prominent fixture in the Sport Tourism industry and to introduce the concept of healthy living, encouraging the younger generation of Munnar to lead active lives. Munnar Marathon, ever since its inception has been conducted on the principles of sustainable practices and protecting the environment. As organisers we are proud to state that the next edition will be carbon neutral. Munnar Marathon 2020 will be the first carbon neutral marathon in India and as a runner, you will have the chance to be a part of a landmark sport event in India.

Munnar, a town at the confluence of three rivers – Nalathanniyaru, Kanniyaru and Kundalayaru, was a summer retreat for the British. Discovered as a favourable destination by Lord Wellesley in 1790 during his chase to defeat Tipu Sultan, Munnar had managed to capture the attention of the British. Starting from the introduction of tea to the slopes of the Nilgiris to the introduction of monorail for the transport of tea, Munnar owes its development to tea

What is a carbon neutral marathon?

Ignoring the paradigm shift of climate is a luxury that none of us can afford and as the most prolific species in this planet, we have to seek new alternatives to existing practices. Conducting a marathon falls within the same bracket. We will pursue sustainable alternatives wherever possible; for e.g. mementos, certificates, runners’ kit, etc. from recycled materials. We will draft and implement waste and water management plans. For the unavoidable carbon expenses such as travel, powering the marathon office, stationery used, etc. we will pursue carbon offset schemes. This edition of Munnar Marathon is about being a responsible runner. Carbon expenditure of Munnar Marathon 2020 will be monitored by Biodiversity Research & Conservation Society (BRCS), Munnar.


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